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sinds 9 januari 2005

27-04-2017 Using the R Commander

��[][]��Using the R Commander: A Point-and-Click Interface for R��

John Fox

��2017ǯ���ԡ�Chapman & Hall / CRC Press��The R Series��, Boca Raton, xiv+219 pp., ISBN:9781498741903 [pbk] �� �Ǹ��ڡ�����

R Commander ��ȯ�Ԥˤ�����������


Introducing R and the R Commander

Installing R and the R Commander

A Quick Tour of the R Commander

Data Input and Data Management

Summarizing and Graphing Data

Simple Statistical Tests

Fitting Linear and Generalized Linear Models

Probability Distributions and Simulation

Using R Commander Plug-in Packages.